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Our Treatments

All treatments are personalised to you, but if you're not sure exactly what you're in need of most, our treatment menu below might help you decide. For some advice on how to best prepare for your treatment, click the button below.

Facials Using Elemental Herbology

Skin care brand of choice for some of the top spa’s in the UK, Elemental Herbology are a natural, cruelty free skin care brand, their philosophy is based on the five element theory in Chinese Medicine, with the belief that all life is comprised of and ruled by the five elements of nature – wood, fire, earth, metal, water – and that these elements need to work in harmony to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium. Elemental Herbology believe your skin needs a balance of all the elements, and that balance depends on your skin type, your lifestyle, the season and a range of environmental factors. Your Elemental Herbology prescription will comprise products from a mix of our ranges, depending on what your skin needs to achieve balance at this point in time.

Five Element Aroma Facial

Bespoke to you, this treatment is tailored to balance the Five Elements and address the key underlying concerns of the skin. Incorporating a luxurious neck, shoulder, face and scalp massage for the ultimate spa facial.

75 minutes £60

Rivivi Signature Treatment

A must have! This treatment includes a back, neck and shoulder massage incorporating hot stones followed by an Elemental Herbology facial.

90 minutes £75

Massage Treatments

Rivivi Bliss

The ultimate full body massage, including both face and scalp.

90 minutes £70

Rivivi Unwind

Tension easing full body massage including your choice of face or scalp.

75 minutes £60

Rivivi Chill

Essential maintenance for the mind and body full body massage.

60 minutes £50

Rivivi Tonic

A perfect 'pick me up' customised to you,

45 minutes £40

Massage Incorporating Heat

Using a combination of lava shells, hot stones and hands on massage, this treatment is warming, therapeutic and incredibly relaxing.

45 minutes £45

60 minutes £60

Thai Inspired Foot & Lower Leg Massage

Deeply relaxing and the ideal add on to a facial or back, neck and shoulder massage.

45 minutes £40

30 minutes £25

Pregnancy Massage

For all mamas to be and new mamas.

75 minutes £60

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