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Hi, I'm Lucy...

Wellbeing has always been my passion! I have many years of experience as a therapist in massage, facials & skin care and I love helping to make my clients feel relaxed, uplifted, and de-stressed. Many of us take very little real time for ourselves to look after our physical and mental wellbeing. Massage is a wonderful way to unwind and recharge, both physically and mentally. For me, relaxing treatments such as facials & massage give the ultimate feel good factor. Book in for a Rivivi treatment and let your wellbeing be taken care of, I look forward to meeting you! To find out more, please check out my website.


In case you are wondering, Rivivi is an Italian word which means to re-live or to live again, I thought it was the perfect name for the service I’m offering! It’s also not quite so easy to find a therapist to bring the spa to you and sometimes it’s just so conveniently nice and stress free not to have to go out, like having your groceries delivered! I absolutely love having treatments myself, which is one of the reasons I decided to train as a beauty Therapist, I truly believe taking an hour or so ‘me time’ and having a facial or massage is an investment in my health and wellbeing and does me a world of good, especially if the therapist has taken an interest to find out why I’m there and what I’m in need of. I always emerge feeling happier and with a new sense of perspective. Having had lots of experience working as a therapist and having treatments myself, I really feel attention to detail is so important as well as making sure each treatment is personal.


We all have different ways of relaxing and switching off, I love reading and walking too, but for me nothing beats a really good facial or massage!

Massage Salts

About Us

Rivivi offers wellbeing treatments for all the wonderful women out there, specialising in massage, facials and pregnancy massage. No need to get stuck in traffic, pay for parking or battle the weather, simply pop your dressing gown and slippers on, get cosy and let Rivivi come to you for the ultimate at home spa experience.

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Our Treatments

All treatments are personalised to you, but if you're not sure exactly what you're in need of most, our treatment menu might help you to decide

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