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Tips for preparing for your treatment at home

Make it cosy

Make sure the room you’re having the treatment is nice and warm or at temperature you feel comfortable, when you relax your body temperature tends to drop. There will be plenty of towels and a blanket to keep you warm but having the room the right temperature can really help you to enjoy your treatment even more.

Think about where you would like to have the treatment

It’s nice if you have a favourite room in the house where you feel most relaxed, we all need a space we can go to feel calm, or even a section of a room that can be a nice spot to chill out, perhaps you have a room looking onto the garden, or sitting room with a log burner. Once the treatment begins and you close your eyes you can drift off to wherever your mind takes you but creating a calming ambience will help you to relax more easily.

In the lead up to your treatment

If time allows, try to do something that makes you feel relaxed before your treatment begins, such as reading, yoga or practicing deep breathing, you’ll likely relax much quicker into your treatment than if you’ve been rushing around right up until the moment you lie on the couch!

During your treatment

Try to make sure you’re not disturbed, although this isn’t always easy! Try to arrange the treatment when you're least likely to be in demand, or expecting a delivery! If you don’t need your phone on you in case of an emergency try to put it on flight mode before your treatment.

After your treatment

If you don’t have to crack on or be somewhere right away after your treatment, make the most of feeling relaxed and curl up with a herbal tea, maybe even have a nap if it’s needed!

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