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Wellbeing During Pregnancy

Saturday 24th October 2020,

I recently completed a four day pregnancy massage course with Suzanne Yates, founder of Wellmother. Suzanne is an expert in the field of Shiatsu and pre and postnatal bodywork, she has taught doctors, midwives and massage therapists to work with mothers and babies over the past 30+ years.


Looking after our wellbeing throughout all stages of our lives is incredibly important but especially during pregnancy and postnatally, I hope pregnant women and new mums feel they are still able to do this with all that is going on in the world at the moment.


Mother and baby wellness is something I am really passionate about, when I was pregnant with my son, I felt the benefits of pregnancy massage so much, that I knew it was something I wanted to specialise in. Pregnancy is such a special time, yet it doesn’t always come without it’s challenges. I have trained in pregnancy massage techniques throughout my time working in spas and as a trainer for various skincare and wellbeing companies, but felt I wanted to do a more in-depth course to be able to deliver the best pregnancy massage possible and support women throughout all stages of pregnancy in the safest way possible. When doing my research, I came across Suzanne Yates, who is extremely highly regarded in the industry and I liked the fact that midwives are recommended Suzanne's course.

RIVIVI Pregnancy Massage.jpg

Benefits of having the treatment at home, pre and postnatal

When I had a very young baby and was breastfeeding, it was really difficult to leave him for very long at all, I struggled to find a therapist to come to the house, but when I visited my parents down on the south coast I found a massage therapist to come to me, which felt so much more relaxed as it meant there was no travel time getting to and from the appointment and my mum was able to look after Noah whilst I had some very much needed rest and relaxation! Noah was about 4 months old by this point, but in the newborn days it would have been lovely if he could have been nestled in next to me whilst having a massage, with my partner on hand to take him if he’d woken up or started crying of course! 


When pregnant and still working and perhaps feeling more tired, it’s nice not to have to rush around and have someone come to you, I also think we tend to feel more relaxed at home in our own environment.


It was really inspiring to learn new techniques for working with pregnant women, Suzanne’s training was fantastic for learning about how to really personalise and tailor each treatment throughout all trimesters as every woman has their own unique experience and each pregnancy is different.

About the pregnancy massage treatment 

The real point of difference for me, is that the massage is carried out on a futon on the floor, which felt very safe and secure, I was remembering how it felt to have a big bump! It’s also ideal for postnatal massage in those early days when you can have your baby nestled in next to you whilst lying on your side. Experiencing the massage on a futon reminded me of being back in Thailand and was incredibly relaxing and grounding, equally, I loved carrying out the massage this way!


As part of the on-going learning I will be carrying out case studies, so please do get in touch if you’re pregnant or has a friend who is.


Pregnancy massage can be safely carried out in all trimesters, a thorough consultation is carried out in advance of the treatment.


A mask and visor is worn during all treatments and the highest precautions are taken.

Bespoke pregnancy massage for all mamas to be and new mamas

90 minutes £70

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Book 4 pregnancy massage treatments for the price of 3, total price £210, saving of £70

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